pink lemonade vape

Pink Twist

Pink Twist is the perfect blend of sweet strawberries and freshly squeezed lemonade. A light and refreshing vape, Pink Twist pairs perfect with a day at the pool or when you’re having fun under the…

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fuzzy custard vape

Fuzzy Custard

Fuzzy Custard is a unique blend of vanilla custard and ripe apricot. This rich and sweet vape is perfect for dessert lovers.

cafe napolean vanilla late vape

Cafe Napolean

Cafe Napolean is a cafe late blended with the perfect amount of rich vanilla bean ice cream. This vanilla late vape is perfect during breakfast or after dinner with dessert.

beetle juice vape


We created Beetlejuice because our customers loved an in-store creation that featured a fruity blend of tropical mango, pineapple, strawberry, and raspberry. No need to scream Beetlejuice three times! This flavor is now available in-store…

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pink milk strawberry milk vape

Pink Milk

Our Pink Milk is a delicious blend of Strawberry Nesquik mixed with creamy milk. This vape will bring back childhood memories and remind you that you’re never too old for Pink Milk!

lemon custard vape

Woke Lemon Custard

Woke Lemon Custard is a delicious vanilla custard featuring a hint of lemon citrus. We won’t be surprised if Woke Lemon Custard becomes your new favorite custard vape!

gummy worm vape

Electric Worm

Adults love candy too, so we won’t judge if you indulge your inner kid. Electric Worm tastes just like rainbow colored Gummi Worms that you chewed when you were little. This vape is slightly tangy,…

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peach lemonade vape

Son of Cloud Chief

Son of Cloud Chief is the perfect summertime vape. This refreshing peach lemonade e-liquid is fruity, sweet, and a little bit tart. A higher VG recipe, it produces larger vapor clouds than traditional e-liquids. This…

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