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  1. bonoschild1975

    Smells like walking into a Dunkin Donuts. Taste is spot-on!

    Glazed DonutGlazed Donut

  2. Dustin

    Tastes amazing! Just as good as jelly donut. I don’t like using any other juice. These flavors are the best!

    Blueberry DonutBlueberry Donut

  3. Dustin

    Love this juice! Vape it for months and don’t get tired of it. Great flavor!

    Jelly DonutJelly Donut

  4. Antonio Sandate

    Great people who are 10 kinds of knowledgeable. I travel a lot and their juices are by far the best tasting I have had.

    Atomic HeisAtomic Heis

  5. Andrea Boatright

    Alwayyyys love these guys! Buy all my in-house juice here! I can’t find another juice I like! I’m stuck on French Vanilla Coconut! 60ml Its the Best Evvvverrr!

    French Vanilla CoconutFrench Vanilla Coconut

E-Liquid Brands

Vapor Candy offers dozens of top-quality, high-end e-liquid brands.

Our Own MixLet’s just say, the house knows how to drop a good mix. Our house beats feature intense blends that go all night, just like you. We’ve got creamy, sweet, ethereal flavors like Dreaming Cheesecake, in-your-face flavors that pack a punch, like Knockout, and everything in between.

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A Mix of Science & MagicThe line that put Vapor Candy on the map. The Breaking Bad Premium E-Liquid brand is how we pay homage to the hottest dealer in Arizona—and the coolest chemistry teacher we know. When flavors like Heisenberg and Atomic Heis hit your brain, you’ll wonder if it’s science. Or magic.

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Bursting With FlavorBold, bubbly, fun flavors for the Candy Kid in you. Vape trails that feel heavy enough to chew and a decidedly sweet taste that lasts all day and all night. The Square Head Premium E-Liquid brand from Vape Candy includes euphoric flavors like Pink Square that make fans throw their hands up and fist pump.

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