Vapor Candy

Why We Rock

Vapor Candy began as a small kiosk with a couple of popular house beats but quickly exploded onto the vape scene with the introduction of Heisenberg—a bold, blue flavor tribute to everyone’s favorite high school Chemistry teacher. Heisenberg flew off our shelves, and we knew we were onto something.

How We Roll

Once we’d gotten a taste of mixing our own signature, rave-worthy juice, we couldn’t stop. (You know how that feels.) We opened our own flavor lab to create more sweet mixes.

We also opened several retail shops to bring that same engaging, interactive experience to our customers. At every location, we have an in-house lab: a detailed menu featuring hundreds of flavors so you and your Flavor DJ can custom mix your own creamy, tangy, tart, vibrant, or mellow blend. Whatever suits your vaping mood at the moment.

Now, we’re bringing the same immersive customer experience that made our stores so popular to the online community with great values on bold, eclectic flavor profiles that last all night.

Who Knew
Centuries-Old Flavors Could Taste This Fresh?

We named our first shop Vapor Candy because we saw ourselves as the confectionary company of e-liquids.

The Flavor DJs at Vapor Candy source a lot of our flavors from confectionaries in Europe who have been making these flavors for hundreds of years. Then, we cherry pick the absolute best, most high-end flavors, blend up some surprising combinations, and spend a lot of time getting the mix exactly right. The result is something completely new and unexpected born from the familiar—kind of like our favorite remixed club music.